RentalSpike is not a property management company…. You can handle that just fine for yourself.   Rather, we step in and make your job of managing your rental properties easier.

We offer lots of resources, though, that are property management related that we think you will find incredibly useful.  Check out the links on the left to learn the specifics and get ready to be dazzled.  Then be prepared to let go of parts of managing your properties that you would, let’s say, be more than happy to let go of.

There are several areas from which to choose. 

One of our favorites is Maintenance Coordination.  Very simply put, when your tenants have a maintenance issue, they call us!  This can also include Emergency Maintenance services.  When your tenants have a maintenance issue at midnight, they call us.  Are you going on vacation?  No problem….maintenance issues taken care of while you lounge.  And our maintenance crews are local companies that specialize in their trade.  We choose only top-notch, highly experienced professionals who are members of the National Association of Residential Property Managers (this means they know what they are doing when it comes to maintaining rental properties). 

We also offer full, white glove cleaning services…. Actually, all services for turning a property around between tenants such as carpet cleaning, maintenance, painting, etc.

Another very popular service is our Vacancy service.  What about choosing the right tenant in the first place…without the ability to do background checks?  Would you rather not take those phone calls from people shopping for a property?  What about showings?   We offer professional advertising on multiple websites, yard signs with flyers, showings 7 days a week, move out inspections, application processing with full background checks, lease signings…. You choose!

Oh, yeah….we really hope this never happens, but if it does, we also offer aggressive collections and swift evictions.

Go ahead….Experience the freedom!